You, Me, and the Sea

The breeze whispers to her Raven curls kiss her face As each sandy treasure She puts into place Her legs are imprinted  Deep in the sand Droplets of sea foam Rest on her hands “Amphitrite erase all my fears Protect and keep me  throughout the years.” These magickal words  Spill from her lips Seashells and […]

Yule Traditions

So grateful for ancient traditions past down through generations. Grateful to have a heart which thrums out the call for those times. Today we begin making our Yule/Winter Solstice decorations to honor the words whispered in dark corners and Mother Earth. To remember the sun and the life it brings we dry orange slices. A […]

Answer the Call

Drumming rhythm ignites my soul I accept my sacred call Giving way to the path Before this time the runes were cast Ancestor’s whispers ebb and flow Forget not from which you grow Older, so much older, than I seem Within me flickering is the dream Embers of the lives I’ve known Burn within this […]

The Call

In the quiet of the night Winged soul doth take flight Rhythmic heart calls out to me Is this the one to set us free Searching, roaming, whispers on the wind Aching, longing, willing it to begin Goddess, am I endlessly lost Forever chasing the legend’s ghost Will this journey find truths end Past, present, […]

Moon Struck

in the quiet of sacred space give myself to moons embrace free to me if I seek flowing down from mountain peak chill of night, raven’s cry whisked away on wings I fly breathless, weightless, stratus kissed passion, longing, cloaked in mist as above, so below within my soul this I know your worth is great, […]

Bottles, Feathers, and True Magic

    Within the witch’s cabinet there are many tools. Some mysterious, others so bland they are over looked by the unknowing eye. You can never have too much stacked on the shelves hidden behind unassuming doors. My nook is overflowing with bits of who I am, what I believe, memories, treasures, knowledge gained and […]


I cast you now oh circle of power I conjure you magick to grow and tower Protect us Goddess this night as we meet Encircle us with your guiding voice sweet Protect us God who rules solar gold Fill us with light your strength unfold Within this circle no harm no fear Only peace and […]

The Dance

Flickering and crackling she held the flame near the smudge. She inhaled the cleansing smoke that flowed as flame became embers. Curling, so delicate and other worldly the wisps encircled her as she began the dance. Her feet, unshod caressing the ground, strands of wild grass climbing her ankles. Hands reaching for the heavens, heart pounding out the […]

Whispers of an Old Soul

A maple leaf nestled by knobby knees, squished blackberries floating in vibrant violet juice waited while rain cast ripples on its surface. Mud-caked purple fingers wrapped around a crooked stick hurriedly worked to remove chunks of bark revealing the flesh beneath. The sticky concoction seeped between chubby fingers as she began her work. The stain soaking […]